Multifamily Transactions

We assist apartment complex developers, purchasers and sellers in locating and acquiring multi-family housing sites. Our experienced sales specialists provide the finest available in-depth market and property knowledge for our clients.

From luxury to low income properties, we have over twenty years of experience and market knowledge to execute the most financially rewarding transactions. Our experience with disposition, valuation, and consulting of properties on local and regional levels is what makes our multi-family services superior to other companies.

We provide a highly coordinated financial analysis for apartment owners and investor clients with large portfolio dispositions as well as single asset sales. The financial analysis is conducted by calculating the income vs. expense ratio, while factoring in cap rates, to determine the best possible strategy for investors and sellers of properties. In conjunction with the financial analysis, we implement aggressive, cutting edge marketing strategies.

Multi-family services we provide include:

  • Income and Expense Analysis
  • Investment Valuations
  • Rate of Return
  • Real Estate Audit
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Financing Analysis
  • Risk Analysis