What Can CRB do for You?

Commercial Workout - Debt Restructuring - Commercial Loan Modification

When you retain the commercial work out specialists at CRB, we will work diligently to negotiate your loan workout to obtain positive results.  We can analyze the issues negatively affecting your business cash flow and your commercial property value.  With this information, we can negotiate effectively with your lenders to restructure your debt.

With our expertise and background, we can present debt restructure proposals to your lenders as well as provide other lenders who may be able to refinance your troubled commercial loan.  We will present your lender with well-articulated arguments that supports why the lenders should entertain a loan work out on your behalf.

Working with a professional that can independently and proactively analyze your troubled asset situation, offering solutions and becoming your advocate can mean the difference between keeping your asset or losing it.

Restructuring Services: 

  • Analyze Property Cash Flow
  • Model Potential Workout Options
  • Assist in Transfer of Loan to Special Servicer
  • Prepare Detailed Restructure Proposal
  • Negotiate & Advocate for Borrower
  • Connection to Rescue Capital, if needed

Types of Workouts:

  • Extensions of Maturity Date
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Modified Payments
  • A/B Note Structure
  • Discounted Payoff
  • Note Sales

To learn more about loan work outs, feel free to contact one of our commercial workout and loan modification specialists at CRB (800) 993-3946.