User Real Estate/Needs Analysis

Should you lease, buy or sell?

In the Commercial Real Estate World, companies that occupy space are referred to as "users" and offer a host of services tailored for companies such as these. We advise real estate users on the financial and non-financial factors that influence a business decision, whether they are leasing or owning. There is a world of possibilities, variables and considerations for every situation and we help our clients understand this world.

After conducting a comprehensive Needs Analysis for our clients we are able to clearly define the requirements necessary for that particular company. Next, we analyze the market conditions and carefully evaluate all possible alternatives in order to develop a real estate plan that responds to a client's overall business plan. By conducting detailed analyses and implementing strategic planning, we are able to address our clients' needs, operationally as well as financially.

User Real Estate Services we provide include:

  • Lease vs. Own Analysis
  • Lease vs. Lease Analysis
  • Build vs. Buy Analysis
  • Ground lease Analysis
  • Lease with Equity Analysis
  • Sale-Leaseback Alternative